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Welcome to our team page - we are a group of celebrants working closely together to ensure you are guided through every step of planning your wedding ceremony - from choosing vows and gestures to the legal process you will follow.  Although we are all different; we share the same goal - that you and your guests have a wonderful day and celebration together!

Bryan Begg

Based in Aberdeenshire


Hi I'm Bryan, I was born in Aberdeen a few years ago and now live in rural Aberdeenshire where I love getting outdoors; walking and running in the surrounding countryside.


I believe life is for living so we should make the best of things.  I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life, playing piano (not very well!) and I played rugby until everyone around me became bigger, faster and more talented!


I am not a morning person and the day doesn’t begin until after a coffee.  I am tolerant of most things but I really don’t like flies - sorry flies, I know you try your best and I appreciate many of you are quite beautiful, but you come with just far too many germs!



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Louise McAllister

Based in Aberdeenshire


Hi, I am Louise.  I am originally from Northern Ireland and have been living in Scotland for the past twenty-plus years or so, moving from Aviemore to Glasgow to Inverness and finally to Aberdeenshire!


In previous incarnations I have been a retail manager and a college lecturer; teaching English as a second language and drama with supported students.


I’m a busy mum of two and an even busier celebrant - I love the excitement of wedding days; all the forward planning and last minute tweaks that make it so special and, of course, the thrill of the day itself!


I like random acts of kindness, Ruby Shoes and dancing, travel and skiing, opera, theatre and live music in general.  Likewise, having my house full of family and friends with lots of food and conversation brings me the greatest of joys.


I dislike bias, meanness and inequality for any reason.  Also marshmallows – toasted or otherwise, I just don’t get them!  Bleuch!


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Karen Walker

Based in Ayrshire


Hi, I’m Karen and I live on the beautiful west coast of Ayrshire.


I’m a busy mum to two teenage daughters and, when I’m not chief cook, dish washer or taxi driver, I love nothing better than spending a few hours exploring the countryside on my bike or walking with my wee dog.


Don’t be fooled into thinking I’m fit though as I enjoy cooking and also eating my creations and I have been known to enjoy a wee glass of something in the evening while munching on a bag of crisps.


I’m a sociable person and stomped the boards of panto with my local community group for a few years … oh yes I did! (Sorry!)


Things I dislike?  Well, there are a few but rudeness and litter are up there alongside animal cruelty.


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Shane George

Based in Moray


Hi, I'm Shane, I’ve lived in the North East of Scotland since early 2011 and love living on the beautiful Morayshire coast.  I have two rescue dogs, a prima donna Jack Russell called Jessie and Casper, the most loveable Staffie anyone could wish to meet; they take up most of my free time. 


For most of my working life I was First Class Cabin Crew with BA.  Now I am cabin crew of a different sort with the Scottish Ambulance Service as an ambulance technician - still providing first class service, of course!  I am also lucky enough to conduct wedding ceremonies and vow renewals for happy couples and even happier guests - what a better way is there to spend an afternoon?!


Back at home, I love cooking and entertaining and I’m never happier than when the house is full of friends and family - especially with a good glass of red wine on the go and something smelling good in the oven.  Gardening interests me too but more as a pottering hobby than something serious enough to produce anything of use in the kitchen.


I’m a pretty positive person and tend to see the good side of things however unfairness and inequality are things I most certainly do not like to find in others, along with general rudeness or impatience.


Oh I forgot sprouts, I also dislike sprouts!


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Jill Law

Based in Aberdeen


I am Jill Law or ‘J’Law’ in character, age 30 plus shipping and handling!

I’m a proud Scot - an equal cocktail of my mum, sophistication personified and my late beloved dad, eccentric and unashamed (minus the sideburns)! I’m mum to teenage dream Cooper.


I’ve a pretty colourful career history:- A horse lover in my younger years I attained a BSc in Agriculture at Aberdeen Uni in the hopes of becoming a stud farmer...

I worked as a researcher at Granada TV...

I co-owned and managed a children’s nursery for 20 years...

I’ve worked in event planning...

I compère at ladies’ lifestyle, wedding and children’s events and exhibitions...

I factor several properties...

I’m looking to publish my first children’s book...

A ‘Jill’ of all trades!

And now I’ve found my dream job!

‘If you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life!’


I’m a self confessed mussels addict with a penchant for Calypso Coffees and chocolate to unwind. ‘Desserts’ is ‘stressed’ backwards after all!

I’m a quintessential girlie girl! I LOVE a theme - just ask my long suffering girl squad!

My guilty pleasures are Kenny Rogers music and Bond films. I’m a closet word nerd who does EVERYTHING in heels and a hopeless romantic!

...and I LOVE weddings!!!!


I’m allergic to ironing and parking.

I don’t do ‘straight cheese’. It IS a thing!

Least favourite response - ‘Out of Stock’


Gluten doesn’t like me! #bloat


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Gordon Wright

Based in Aberdeen


I'm a born Fifer but have lived in North East Scotland for close on half a century.

After a long career working in economic development with Aberdeen City Council, working with technology, life sclence and leisure sectors, I now work as a contractor delivering Project Management for all manner of sectors.


I have four grown up children, three of whom I've managed to encourage to leave home and head out on their own adventures.  They have left behind two dogs who provide me with hours of walking pleasure around Aberdeen, at the beach or into the Aberdeenshire countryside.


I'm a keen concert goer and now wondering how to fit the growing number of postponed gigs (due to Covid) into my schedule.


On reflection there are very few things that wind me up, but I am very fond of a wee internal grumble before deciding that there are always better things to be getting on with.


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Diane duncan

Based in Aberdeenshire


Hey!  I’m Diane and I have lived and worked in Aberdeenshire all my life.  I live on the family farm with my husband of twenty four years and our two daughters who are itching to fly the nest.


I started off my working life in Aberdeen in the oil and gas industry until the girls came into our life and I decided to stay nearer home.  I spent their early years looking after them and also the local agricultural show.  I loved having the chance to see them growing up whilst being able to keep working from home.  Since they started school I have worked with apprentice engineers at the local college and I’m still there – the best job I’ve ever had.


I’m very much a people person.  I love catching up with friends and like to meet new folk with interesting things to talk about.  I travelled round the world in my youth, but still have a huge bucket list to conquer!

Living on the farm surrounded by animals and fresh air is the best and I love being able to grow, cook and eat our own produce.  I sing in a local choir and listen to all kinds of music whenever I can.  I also like nothing better than to curl up with a good book, a coffee and the cat on my knee with the fire roaring on a cold day.

My pet hate is poor manners, especially poor table manners.  I stand against any cruelty to animals and don’t ever feed me liquorice!

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Halde Pottinger

Based in Invernesshire


Hey folkies!


My name is Halde, and it was Caithness where I was born and raised, on a farm no less, where I spent most of my days! And I love nothing more than absolutely smashing wedding ceremonies!!! 


I love people! And all my previous vocations and adventures have all had that very thing at it's heart. And I have been a good way, I hope! From playing rugby in New Zealand, ski instructing in Switzerland, mateloting (scrubbing a boat!, in France, DJing in Spain, touring in Portugal, Policing in Scotland and more, and every single one of these roles all related to people. I just love connecting with people, and if you are just a little bit crazy, I know we will get along just fine!! 


And just to mention a wee bit of my celebrant credentials; 

- First celebrant to every conduct a Humanist Ceremony in Africa 
- Opened the biggest Pride March in '19 
- First celebrant to conduct a wedding ON SKIS 
...and my celebrant wishlist includes underwater weddings and doing the nuptials whilst falling out of a plane! 


And when I ain't rocking wedding ceremonies all over Scotland, I am; 

- coaching the next generation of Scotland rugby stars 

- creating yet another cringe-worthy Tiktok video 
- hiking up a hill having left the flask of soup in the car 
- making peanut butter and banana smoothies 

...and creating memories with my family as a full-time single Dad! 


What I don't like...marzipan, missing the beginning of movies unless it's a period drama, period dramas, when you eat some coleslaw and then discover it is off...and stress. I absolutely hate stress. Which is why I never bring any when creating the most perfect wedding ceremony for ya'll."


Mary Gibson

Based in Aberdeen


Hi I am Mary Gibson.

I have lived in Aberdeen since I was 15 years old, having previously grown up in an RAF family, having many homes and schools as I grew up.

I am a mum to 2 adults and granny to 2 grandchildren, with 2 more on their way. 

After my celebrant work, being a granny has to be one of the best jobs in the world.

I love dark chocolate, the moon, and crystals and definitely in that order.

I love meeting new people; my partner says I could talk to the devil.

I'm pretty sure my mum being Irish has helped; I may have kissed the blarney stone at some point in my life.

I hate getting my photo taken, so was hard to find a wee photo to go with my bio.

I've spent most of my working life in the corporate world, currently in logistics, so I will have everyone where they should be on your wedding day.

Being out in nature is probably my biggest hobby, so we do many outdoor things as a family, which is handy when I get a couple wanting an outdoor ceremony.

I love to cycle and kayak and have 3 fur babies who take me out a lot, no matter what the weather.

I love to write, which is how I got into the world of weddings; being a celebrant allows me to mix 2 of my favourite things, meeting people and getting to write their stories.

Drew Smithsimmons

Hi I'm Drew, I was born on the wrong side of the border but soon saw my parents error and arrived in Scotland as a teenager working front of house for Eddie Izzard in his first fringe performances. I had been coming to Scotland since I was tiny and summitted Ben Nevis at the age of two. My Dad claimed to have carried me the whole way but I suspect that was him just being competitive. The mountains have always been the place I feel most at home; trad climbing, mountaineering, trail running and cold water swimming in the high lochans, usually accompanied by my sidekick Harvey. A Cockerpoo with the heart of a Bernese mountain dog.


I live near Glasgow and enjoy travelling around Scotland for unique ceremonies in far-flung corners, especially the highlands and islands, as much as the great venues throughout the central belt and lomondside that I know so well.  Being part of a couple's wedding - being a safe pair of hands to skillfully design and deliver a bespoke ceremony - is an incredible privilege and I have never found a more deeply satisfying role.  A humanist celebrant since 2014, I have worked as a psychotherapist for twenty years and, more recently, focused on working with NASA to support the health of astronauts in the upcoming Artemis missions back to the Moon and on to Mars. 


When not performing ceremonies I am likely to be found in my local loch helping fellow villagers get into the cold and all the benefits it brings.  I am currently training to swim an ice mile without losing any important bits. A life outdoors has taught me to tolerate a great deal of discomfort when required.  What pushes me over the edge is much closer to home; to be found in the mounds of clothes on the floor from my boys who claim to fully understand the concept of 'folding' and therefore must be doing it deliberately to unhinge me.


maureen Sweeney

Hi I’m Maureen! I’m Originally from Belfast, but now live in Ayr. My background is in music and I began my career as a professional opera singer, performing all over the world for many years, as a solo Soprano, both on stage and screen and across the airwaves!


After my two daughters had “fled the nest”, I opted for a new direction and change in my career, joining my Husband Derek’s Videography company, as a director and full time Wedding film maker throughout Scotland.


Whilst filming many Ceremonies, I was instantly drawn and connected to how personal, diverse and inclusive the Humanist Ceremonies were, and that was it…., I made the decision to train as a Humanist Celebrant and was delighted to obtain an acclaimed SQA Diploma in Celebrant and Public speaking… and so my journey began.


I absolutely love Weddings and to be part of your special day and all the excitement that surrounds it, is such an honour.


Away from my lap top, I enjoy long beach or wood walks with my two lovable pooches, “my assistants!”, Sam and Paddy and travelling. There’s always a new country to explore marked in my diary and cultures to appreciate. I do admit though.. to tuning in to the soaps of an evening!


I’m fun, friendly and genuinely interested in people. But one thing I dislike (and I think the majority of ladies would be with me on this one) is RAIN!! Only because my hair suddenly gets a mind of its own and my head becomes “frizz central!”. Otherwise I’m pretty easy going.


Hatton Repair Cafe


Is part of a growing movement across the country providing repairs for clothing, jewellery and small electrical items.  These cafes are set up on a voluntary basis to reduce waste and provide a welcoming social space for communities to come together.

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